Sunday, October 12, 2014

Multi-Striped Mani

Hey bloggers, just a quick mani to share - actually the mani itself was quite time-consuming, but this post won't be :) 

Using my absolute favourite colour combination of a nude, chocolate, teal and white, I created un-even stripes in no particular pattern. 
I made it real easy for myself by painting the nude base colour yesterday morning, then allowing it to fully dry before doing the striping in the afternoon. How's that patience for ya! 

Pics are pretty crappy off my phone.. sorry!

Polishes used were: MUD Nudely Now, Polished London Milky Mocha & Buckingham Blue, Sinful Colours Snow Me White. 
I used a dotting tool to add the polishes between the tape if anyone is interested :) I wish I had a striped dress in these colours, wouldn't that be gorgeous! 
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your weekend



  1. That's really cute! That's some patience - I resolve to try attempting some nail art this Summer!

    1. Would love to see what you create :)

  2. very pretty :) how many times do you do your nails every week? I swear you have a different design every 2nd day :)

    1. Just about :) Sometimes I have nail polish mojo, and sometimes not! These only lasted about a day and a half, so I removed them last night - nail polish does not stay on my nails for very long before it chips and peels away :( but all the more I can do them!! I'll have another up later today, I'm planning my ANM mani and hope to get it done around lunch time while the little one is busy and content with her food :)

  3. Replies
    1. So do I! It's also a colour combo I used to use on my cards - almost inspires me to get the papers out and make some :) x