Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On My Face

If you're not on Instagram you may miss most all of my makeup of the day shots, so I thought I'd quickly share them here too, plus I can add more info here :)

Today's face was really simple for my morning workout - yes, I wear makeup working out, I always wear some kind of makeup in public! These above, are considered my 'naked face' to me :)
I didn't like the La Mav Organic BB Creme when it first arrived in a LHi pack, it was far too dark for me at the time and I just wasn't a fan. Over the past week, I've been self-tanning and my usual picks are no longer the right tone for me, so I grabbed this, and have kept on grabbing it. There's not a whole lot of coverage, but it evens out my skin tone and matches my chest & neck :) Topping that with my favourite Stay Matte powder by Rimmel, you might just be able to see that I've just hit pan :) love using up products! I'm back in love with my Natio Brow Kit - when away on our holiday I had just one brow pencil, so it's real nice to be back using this :) I use a mix of both colours and top with the wax. I plan on doing a full review of this soon.
The Jordana eyeshadow - sorry, I'll have to check the name of it - I picked up in our local little IGA, it's a matte beige, and I love it! I'm also back loving the Benefit They're Real Mascara - come back tomorrow for a post & pics about the mascaras I currently reach for. And I'm still really loving the Transformulas Lip Volume. I will be honest and say that I've not been keeping up with the thrice daily recommended usage for the 30 day results :-O but I love this gloss! It's so hydrating! At the slightest bit of dryness, I whack this on and the next day, smooth lips. Totally recommend you try this one, I'm also using the Eye Lifting Gel - check out the range now stocked in Priceline and visit the Transfomulas website for more information.
I'd love to see what products you've been reaching for, tag me @polish_patterns on your IG posts, leave me a comment below telling me what you love or do your own post and let me know where to find it :)

Items Marked with * provided for consideration
Rimmel Stay Matte - Priceline $12.95
Natio Brow Kit - Priceline $19.95
Jordana Cosmetics - Single Shadows RRP $6.00
Benefit They're Real mascara - Myer $38
Transformulas Lip Volume - Priceline $49


  1. Yes!! I always wear some sort of makeup in public as well, even if it's just tinted moisturiser... i need SOMETHING on my face! I just started using a brow pencil, I'd be very interested to see your Natio brow kit review!

    1. It's on my review list :) hoping to get to it soon x