Tuesday, October 14, 2014

September Lust Have it

I pretty much expect to see a monthly sub box arrive somewhere between the 20-28th of each month, ideally. I'm not sure what the hell is going on over at Lust Have it, I have no idea why they can't keep the delivery times consistent! I've seen so many complaints about their lateness on their FB and a LOT of people un-subbing this month - including some longstanding subscribers, I'm mind-boggled that they continue to do it month after month. They're stated numerous times in reply to comments that October boxes are right on schedule... so... what exactly does that mean LHi? November 10th? 5th? No way.. they can't actually arrive in October!!! :-O But haven't really offered up any real explanation about why September's is so late..  mine arrived yesterday. 

So long as the damn thing turns up and is worth the wait.. I'm also incredibly glad that I'm not paying $19.95 a month for these, my annual re-sub deal made these only $12 a month, and I am so glad I jumped on that deal when I could! Doubtful that I'll be re-subbing next year though...

Let's take a look at what was included this month.

Model Co Skincare Samples
You're not paying attention if you haven't heard of Model Co's recent skincare launch, and it is nice to see a 'new' product pop into a LHi box, even if it is from repeat offender Model Co. I'd probably never get around to trying their range, so this is a good way to introduce us to some of the products - even though they're crappy little sachets.

Uriage Extra Rich Dermatological Cleansing Gel - 8ml
I have used something Uriage in the past though what it was is eluding me at the moment... I'm not a real fan of cleansing gels, but willing to give it a go.

Cosmetic Kitchen Macadamia Wax Creme Highlight - 6g
Weird. Without the usual product card, I have no idea what this is, and their website does not work. It appears as a lipgloss, mini tube with plastic angled end. But it's a highlighter... and according to their facebook (thanks to a kind lady who answered my FB inquiry) it is a facial highligter. It's very thick, and doesn't seem to blend very well, so I'm thinking tiny bits at a time.. jury's still out on this one.

Glam by Manicare Express! 3 in 1 Nail Art Pen - 5ml
You know I'm gonna get some use of this type of thing! Considering I love nail art, I don't own any of these. I think we mostly all got the same shade, gold. Will certainly get some use from this, especially with Christmas coming soon. {full size}

Urban Skincare Pro. Repair+ Body Balm - 35ml
Smells really nice! Gardenia perhaps? I've never seen this before, so I'm happy to give it a go!

Model Co. Lip Lacquer Liquid Lipstick - 3g
More Model Co. hehe. This is their Liquid Lipstick, and whilst I like the shade I got, I'm not sure about the product itself. Just taking the doe foot applicator out and I had stringy bits everywhere, which would suggest to me that it'll be sticky. I've used their glosses before and find them very sticky... and this IS sticky. It also has a very sweet scent, wishing it was better cause I love the dark nude shade! {full size}

So without a card, I thought I'd investigate the prices and where you can get your hands on these products.

Model Co. Skincare range - $7.99 - $34.99 Priceline
Uriage Surgras Liquide Dermatologique $27.95 Chemist Direct
Cosmetic Kitchen - NO IDEA! Their website doesn't exist???
Manicare Nail Art Pen - $9.99 Priceline
Urban Skincare Pro. Repair+ Body Balm - 100ml $12.95 - Urban Skincare
Model Co. Lip Lacquer Liquid Lipstick - $24 - Model Co. site

There's no way I'd hand over $24 for the lip lacquer! Far too sticky! Love the blam (and the price!) and the nail art pen will be a nice addition. Overall, well rounded box, but the lip lacquer will be wasted on me. It makes me wonder if LHi girls actually wear Model Co glosses and what they really think of them - I understand that a full size product is awesome, but not if it's sticky gloss that no-one's really excited about? Are you excited about the lip lacquer? Happy to receive more of them?
What did you think of your pack after waiting so long? Excited for next months??
I'd love to know your thoughts on this month's pack so please leave me a comment below 


  1. Must be frustrating not knowing when the pack arrives but I'm glad it was worth the wait. I will have the check out the new skincare range by Model Co.

    1. I think it's more the repetitiveness from LHi, their lack of reasoning and communication is just frustrating. Was happy with this month's offering, but the Model Co Lip Lacquer is terrible!