Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cartoon Nails with Fingr's Nail Tattoos

I finally got around to trying the 'cartoon' nail art technique. I was looking at my Fingr's Heart 2 Art tattoo papers - Comic Nation, and decided they'd be a perfect match. 
I teamed the tattoo papers up with my favourite purple polishes, I used the lightest shade in the Fingr's Purple Edge Ombre Kit.

This is my first experience with nail tattoos, or water decals; and it was unbelievable easy! The patterns on these particular tattoos are a little large. I can literally (and I did) cut each sheet into 4. I've used a quarter of a sheet on each nail below, this means that not a lot of detail comes out on the nail. 

It's kinda hard to see what the tattoos are really about, the speech bubbles are nearly unrecognisable as being speech bubbles, but I do love the effect and like I said, it was super easy! You simple cut to your nail shape - I actually left mine square and removed the excess with acetone - remove the plastic liner, then dip the tattoo in water. It quickly softens, you simply place the picture side onto the nail, hold it for 10 seconds and remove the paper. It's very similar to using any temporary tattoos, but way quicker. I recommend lining it up right before putting it on the nail, mine transferred instantly! 

I look forward to revisiting this one, there's so many more colours I want to do it with and the tattoo papers are great!

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