Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fing'rs EDGE OMBRE Nail Polishes

Are you a lover of all things ombre? That gradual fade from light to dark or the other way around? I did it to my hair, and I routinely do it to my nails. One of the simplest ways to get your ombre nails, is the all in one kits, from Fing'rs

Included are five mini 5.5ml polishes, ranging from light to dark. 
Both the kits I own, (the pink and purple) have four creme polished and one shimmer. In the pink, the middle toned polish has the shimmer, and in the purple, it's the darkest shade. I'd be happy with five cremes, but the shimmer is a nice addition. 

Let's begin with the pink. I received this kit in the Priceline Beauty Bag back in May and have repeatedly used it since. As mentioned above, one of the five is a shimmer, only slightly though and didn't really show in my photos :) 

 I love how perfect the polishes compliment each other. The pinks begin with a pale peachy toned pink, gradually becoming warmer and darker. The two darkest shades are a little similar depending on the light. 
These will mostly be opaque in two coats, though if thin coats, you may require another. I prefer two thick coats. The formula dries quickly and the creme finish is smooth and well... creamy :) 

Last week I was sent the Purple Ombre kit, and once again, I'm falling in love! 

The colours are perfectly complimenting, with the darkest shade being the shimmer. The little bottles mean little handles, but they're manageable with some practice. I did top these with Seche Vite top coat - but they're super glossy on their own. 

I aslo did a little nail art yesterday - a gradient using the purple ombre kit, Cheeky Plate CH11 and some Fing'rs Heart2Art glitters that I place individually where I wanted them. Then top-coated. The gradient is super pretty and really easy to create, I didn't use the included sponge (I use makeup wedges for anyone who's interested), and only used shades 1,2 & 4 (using the thumb as No1 and pinkie as No5 above). I stamped using shade 4 also.

I haven't done a lot of glitter or rhinestone placing so bear with me :) The light that shines off the tiny glitter pieces is super pretty.

I honestly can't pick a favourite from these two.. there's also a blue kit which I am hoping to get my nails on real soon - or it on my nails! Am having a little trouble locating one so if you come across one, keep me in mind ;) 
The packs come with a little sponge for your gradients. There's some diagrams on the edge of the boxes with a step-by-step guide. I haven't actually used these for a sponged gradient but I'm sure it won't be long. 

Priceline stocks a variety of Fing'rs products, affordably priced around the $12.99 mark. 
All products can be purchased from the Fing'rs website - the range includes artificial nails, nail tattoos, various glitters, tools and embellishments. 

Do you like an ombre manicure? Do you prefer the pink or the purple?


  1. I really like what you've done with the purple one, but the pink kit's awesome - totally unbiased, haha, given that I have that kit and I think it's gorgeous.

    1. Haha I actually prefer the purple tones on me :) they're both great kits, the polish formula is really good. It's a shame they don't make more polishes... x