Sunday, November 23, 2014

Glacial Clay Spa - Montagne Jeunessse

Okay, so this is a little different to other cloth masks I've used, traditionally oozing in a serum of some form, this is in fact clay-infused. So rather than a clear serum, this has a very pale blue tinge to it and will need to be washed off. 
Containing the mega-cooling Glacial Clay to cleanse your pores, antioxidants Red Grape and Arctic Cloudberry (what the?) juices from Scandinavia work to help maintain the skins natural barrier. Does anyone actually believe this stuff?

I did the recommended allergy test - I'll be honest I don't tend to do the little skin tests, fool me one I'm sure. I think the fact that it was written on the LHi card made do it - I mean, they put it there for a real reason right? Although the packet says VERY RARE does a reaction occur. Obviously I was fine :) 
It was 35ยบ when I used this beauty so it was mega-cooling. The mask has a sweet scent that I didn't find overpowering. It was a little messier to apply and I had to wash my hands once I'd unfolded and applied it to my face.

The cloth sort of fitted and sort of didn't, it was far too long and the excess wouldn't stick on my chin and kept coming away and hanging freely. The nose 'flap' was a little narrow, but the holes were all pretty well placed right for me. Besides the coolness, I didn't feel much anything else.
Upon removal I was left a little 'clay-ey', I simply wiped away the residual clay. It had dried and felt tight. My skin certainly felt cleansed, and very cool.

Overall, a pretty cool experience (pun intended!). It was a little messier than usual, but I'm a fan of all masks so it was fun. I'd certainly give it another go, have you tried this clay-cloth mask before? What did you think?

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