Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I've Been Lovin'

Hi guys, I was going to do a monthly favourites post but to be honest, I've been switching up my products a lot more often than that and figure there's no way I could hold your interest for that long of a post :)
Some of you may know (via my IG) that I recently cut off 2/3 of my hair, and man, does it feel weird! I'm loving how quickly it is to style, however it is a little more wild without the extra weight but I've been finding the I.C.O.N Cure for a Cause Replenishing Spray helps keep it nourished and keeps it a little more tamed. I've also recently switched to the TONI&GUY Shampoo for Brunette Hair, in a bit to keep my recent colour looking great for a bit longer. I love the scent and how my hair feels. 
I've also been using Polish London's Blighty Brunette Dry Shampoo*, this is by far the darkest 'brown' dry shampoo I've tried, I love that there's no white/grey powdery residue that I need to rub away. Just watch how pressurized the contents are - this stuff shoots out so fast it's like a fire extinguisher! lol 

Hopefully you saw my recent skincare post featuring Puretopia - my skin has been behaving so good lately and I have to contribute it to their amazing array of products, the first of my two favourites being the Puretopia Refresh & Balance Facial Mist Toner*. For a while now, I've been using Dermalogica's Antioxidant Hydramist toner, but this is definitely on par! I've happily switched to this much more wallet-friendly product, the scent alone is so refreshing and relaxing. I love to use this to refresh in the afternoon, I can tell it'll be a fave all Summer. 
We all  know I'm a lover of face masks, and the Puretopia Purify & Revive Clay Mask is the bomb! A light, white clay, it's dries quickly with just the perfect amount of tightening. It's fantastic for improving/removing any excess oil I have and keeping my skin clear. 

I've added my LeTan Tanning Mitt, this time of year calls for a whole lot of self-tanning and regardless of the type of product - even a spray - I always use this to get a streak-free finish. After doing the larger areas, the excess on the mitt is perfect for using on the feet and back of the hands, we don't need to apply too much to those areas, but we can't have a cut-off line either :) 

With self-tanning the body, comes tanning the face. I naturally tan quickly - without burning - with just my daily walks to the bus-stop to pick up the kids after school, so I don't bother with facial tanning products, I just switch up my foundations to match my fake-tanned neck. 
For a light cover, the LaMav Organic BB Creme adds just enough tanned colour to my face without looking too dark. I do only apply a little bit, as I can end up looking a tad too orange :) 
I've also been adding some bronzer to help even out the LaMav and to contour my face, the Designer Brands Natural Ground Minerals bronzer is matte and not very pigmented, it's not the greatest for contouring, but it'll add a nice tanned look without feeling heavy :)  

What have you been lovin'?


  1. I'm looking for a new tanning mitt, now I know ;)

    I've been attempting to use my la mav but my small exposures to the sun at the beach hasn't been enough, looks like I'll be faking this summer!

    1. :) fake face tan too? I'm not game enough to try one! :P

  2. Love the sound of that toner! I'm currently using a PFP one, which I'm enjoying.

    1. I love this toner! I need to try some PFP products! There's too many products on my to try list! I'll get through them all when I'm 70 lol