Friday, November 28, 2014

PROVOCALIPS - 16HR Kissproof Lip Colour Swatches

Did you pick up any of these Rimmel London Provocalips during the Priceline 40% off sale? I certainly did! But then I was sent the entire range to try and share with you guys! This new long lasting lip colour range consists of 8 shades, making sure at least one of them will suit you. 
I'm actually a fan of the cutesy packaging. The double-ended tube has 4ml of liquid lipstick colour in the coloured end, and the cute lip-covered end contains 3ml of the gloss/top-coat. Both contain typical doe-foot applicators. 

I actually think they stuffed up the portions, you don't need a whole lot of the colour, but using the gloss and any re-application throughout the day, would suggest that it should have more product....? 
After applying the colour, wait at least 60 seconds with your lips apart - the lipstick dries to a semi-matte, it will be sticky before applying the gloss. 
The gloss helps to lock in the colour, moisture and adds shine. I'm NOT a fan of the scent, and find it sickly sweet... but that may just be me. 

Left - top to bottom - 700 Skinny Dipping, 730 Make Your Move, 110 Dare To Pink, 200 I'll Call You
Right - top to bottom - 300 Little Minx, 230 Kiss Fatal, 500 Kiss Me You Fool, 550 Play With Me
The swatches above (besides the top left) show only the liquid colour freshly applied. I did not use the gloss in the swatches, they're a bastard to remove even without it! :) I know you've probably seen a gazillion swatches of these, but keep in mind they all look different on each of us; I've seen swatches that made me dislike a couple of the shades, and for example the Dare To Pink looks great on paler skinned gals, but not so much on me..... So bear that in mind when you're buying them for yourselves.
Also Kiss Fatal looks like it'll be super dark from the packaging, but it;s just a nice soft berry tone on me. 

So do they last 16 hours? Honestly, I can't tell you. After a few hours I find they feel a little dry on my lips, the gloss/top coat wears off when eating/drinking etc and I definitely require another coat of gloss. The dryness doesn't actually dry my lips out though. So yeah, again with the sizing, more gloss needs to be applied throughout the day making it stupid that there's less of it. Applying a different gloss product - I use the Transformulas Lip Volume - does effect the lasting powers of these. It's to be expected really, that you'd need to keep the product with you to reapply the gloss and re-do any lost colour. 
I've experienced some wear in the center of my lips after eating and drinking and wearing them for a few hours. 

Because of the drying, and my use of whatever other gloss I have on hand, I've not seen 16 hours of wear personally. They certainly stick around a lot longer than other lipsticks - including some marketed as long-lasting.  If you want to remove them before they may have the chance of wearing off... you'll need more than just a makeup wipe. I've found products aimed at water-proof eye makeup removal, do the job easy.

I've seen SO many positive reviews of these... but I can't bring myself to rave about them. It's not that I don't like them, the colours are pretty - I'd wear 6 out of the 8 regularly - the packaging is a little tacky but cute nonetheless, and they will stay put for a good few hours without needing too much attention.
But I do not like the gloss/top-coat. And although typical with liquid lipsticks, they can be a little messy to apply - and the lasting formula makes mistakes a bastard to clean up :) But, I do still recommend testing these out for yourselves - as I said the colours vary depending on skin-tone and those more accustomed to using products like these more regularly than myself, may be in for a treat!

Have you tried these? Am I the only one who is NOT a fan of the gloss part?
Which colours are you hoping to pick up?

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