Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Runway Ready - FING'RS PRINTS - PressOn Nails

You know when all your nails decided to turn to shit at the same time? Unsightly peeling, chipped corners, full tears; After breaking a couple of nails and filing the rest of them back to spare myself more heartache of another, I figured what better time to try the press-on nails from Fingr's. 
These FING'RS PRINTS Runway Ready Press-On Nails* contain 24 nails in 12 different sizes. There's also two adorable little Princess Crown charms with 6 adhesive tabs.

 I haven't used nails like these in years, so simple to have stunning nails in minutes! These come pre-glued with the sticky adhesive already on the nails. These are seriously sticky. I did have a little trouble picking the right sizes for my nails, especially as they're already sticky and flatten out a bit when pushed onto the nail. 
They are really comfortable to wear, the 'squoval' shape is feminine and neat. I love the simple silver and black accent nails, very similar to some stamping plate designs that I own. Those nails have a texture, very realistic. I'd be happy if they too were smooth and shiny too though. 
Said to wear for up to a whole week, and easy to be removed. So did they last?
I applied these on Thursday 20th November, I did have to remove (and geeze was it sticky!) and turn-around the left ring nail and a few hours later I had to replace it. I also had to try and push the thumb further down the nail as I'd put it a little high so moving it around make it a little looser than the others, so keeping that in mind, lets see how they really do wear.

Firstly, I recommend giving the ends a light file, just to remove any sharp edges left over from manufacturing. 
The morning after application, I had to wash my hair. I'd also washed dishes, cooked, cleaned and tended house like I usually would. Hair washing wasn't difficult, and no nails fell off. I did however find them easily tangled in dry hair, I had to be very careful when running my hands through my tangles or scratching my head :) the hair would go between the nails on the cuticle end and get stuck in the glue.
I lost my first nail - the left pointer - on Saturday morning, when I was putting my hair in a pony-tale. I was being so careful too! I decided to replace the already loose left thumb nail while I was at it. Later that day I felt another nail lift, after having been swimming for hours, the right ring finger nail. I decided to also replace it. So on Saturday I replaced three nails, two and half days after first applying them. And I didn't have to replace any more. They all stuck firm for days! The adhesive has some 'flex', meaning the nails can be bumped and will shift rather than snap straight off. I've been using the word 'squidgy' to describe the glue, it's sort of like a silicone...
I decided to remove them Tuesday afternoon, I have no doubt they'd have held up another day or two. I was just missing the ability to open a soft-drink can on my own lol (truthfully, I didn't even try to actually do it, I just used a spoon!)

Upon removal, I found they were still super sticky!! You can remove them at any time, by gently peeling the edge of the nail up until the adhesive separates; mine were still stuck pretty firm and it wasn't quite as simple as that. Start along the side - do not attempt to lift at the nail end. I used a couple of polish remover pads to get rid of any residue. My nails were completely unharmed. 

Ooh, I almost forgot the charms. All charms are a little bulky for my liking, and these are pretty big. Honestly, I couldn't wear them. The first sticky tab (included in the kit) wasn't very sticky at all, and the 2nd, stuck to the nail much better than it did the charm. So they were a bit of a failure for me, I will try them again, just have to work out the best way to stick them on. 

I really enjoyed using these, great for a function! Or perhaps a short break away? If you pack the spares, it'd be super easy to switch over any that had loosen or fallen off when you're putting your hair up! I'd especially recommend these to brides and their bridesmaids any day - much quicker and easier (and cheaper) than salon nails, as a recent bridesmaid who didn't want her nails done, I'm wishing my bride had thought of these!!

Have you tried ready to wear nails?  

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