Wednesday, November 12, 2014

So...? Sweet Smelling Stocking Stuffers

A simple stocking filler doesn't come much sweeter (smelling) than a fragrance gift set and Christmas is the best time to invest in them! Usually comprising of the fragrance itself, a scented lotion and perhaps a third or fourth product, women of all ages adore them, I know I do. A long time favourite of mine and one for any age, So...? the original fragrance in the range has a delicious blend of vanilla, sandalwood and orange flowers and for this Christmas grab it in this stunning gift pack!

Along with a massive 50ml bottle of So...?, you'll also get a 75ml aerosol body spray and 100ml scented lotion, and the British/Piccadilly packaging is so retro and cute! 
All smell utterly divine, and there's no better way to get your fragrance to stick during the summer heat (yes... I really mean sweat!) than layering them up.

My poor body spray got a little banged up in my bag recently :) 
How cute are the lip-glosses? I haven't had the chance to try these, and they'll be exclusively available in selected Christmas gift sets which I saw in store yesterday. My local Discount Drug Stores sells them and they will be/are available to purchase from all regular stockists including Priceline and Big W - though they're not currently listed on Priceline online. 


For a squizz at the So...? Sinful gift pack (which I sneakily purchased yesterday for only $9.95!), head on over to Candy Fairy's blog and check out her post here
I have a review of my three current favourite So..? fragrances here. I believe there are now 10 versions of So...? perfumes so I'll be stocking up and testing them out for sure! 
For more information check out the website and Facebook pages.


  1. I like the fragrances, but I'm not sure about the lip glosses.

    1. They look cute, but lip glosses in general aren't my thing. The Sinful pack that I picked up for myself has one, smells a little weird... I'll make it work as a cuticle balm :)

  2. How adorable and what a great idea! xx

    1. Aren't they just! Perfect for the girls of all ages too :)