Saturday, December 13, 2014

ESSENZZA Fuss Free Facials - Natural Japanese Silk Facial Treatment Masks - Carrot Seed & Coconut Oil

Lust Have It recently provided me with one of my favourite skincare products to try, cloth masks. And they did one better, they provided us with TWO of the same mask. A single use of a product usually isn't a big enough indicator of how that product performs and how my skin will react, so I was thrilled to see two of these masks in my recent pack. I was also excited to see they are another product from Essenzza, I've tried their wipes which I received from another Lust Have it pack and was very pleased with them, so I find it even more interesting to try another product from the same brand. 

Whilst the packaging clearly states these are 'simple to use and easy to remove - less messy than a traditional face mask' - these are wet! I'm assuming the packaging refers to a mask where you need to apply the serum/clay (whatever) directly to your face using your hands, cloth masks do eliminate that step.

There's three parts to this mask. I've used others which have two, but never three before. And I should have ready the instructions... haha. Here I am channeling my inner 'Jason Goes to Hell'... 

Unfortunately, you actually need to remove the white plastic liner (the one with the holes in it that I'm modelling above) BEFORE placing it on your face then apply the mask with the blue liner facing outwards. Like I said, read the instructions lol 

I got some rippa photos to share didn't I? I love this one, the blue liner was a weird fit, but it is supposed to be removed, I just couldn't resist getting a photo of me in it :) 

Final look of the day... the eye holes are small, the nose 'flap' is small/short and the mouth hole is just a little bit weird, oh and the mask is wet! 

You can actually leave this mask for 20-30 minutes, I did the whole 30 minutes purely because as per normal, I was doing a thousand things at once and was a little sidetracked. 

With natural ingredients and paraben and sulphate free it may leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. The carrot oil may help prevent dry skin, and slow the aging process, yes please! The Coconut oil may leave your skin silky smooth and may increase the skins ability to retain moisture. 
After removal, it says to leave the formulation to dry - see, I did end up reading the instructions - but I couldn't follow them. My skin was far too wet, there was a heap of serum left over and whilst I did leave it alone for at least 10 minutes, I ended up rinsing my face after that. 

I get a kick out of cloth masks, love how almost all of them leave my skin feeling and looking, so despite the triple layer madness, weird fit and excessive serum, I'm looking forward to using my other one :) 

Have you tried your masks yet? Did you read the instructions before use.. or did you have a horror movie moment like me? :P

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