Friday, December 5, 2014

Princess Skincare - Price Reduction

Hi guys, I was informed from the lovely people from Insight Aesthetics of some fantastic news and had to share it with you all...
Princess Skincare have taken a price plunge *happy dancing in my chair* just in time for Christmas!! 

{look how long my hair was!}
I've reviewed some of their products before, here the HYALURONIC ACID MASK is one of my absolute favourites! Previously available for $27.50 per mask, or a box of 8 for $167.20
NOW a box of 8 masks is $66!!! 
That is a MASSIVE price drop - SAVE OVER $100! It also goes for both the Hyaluronic Acid and Green Tea masks, yay! 
At the moment, you can grab both masks (2x boxes of 8 masks) for $99

I'm also a fan of the Princess Skincare Anti Aging Vitalizing Serum, and was not willing to pay the old price of $89.10 to replace it.. but NOW IT'S $55 You can read my review here.

If you ever wanted to check out any of the Princess Skincare, now is the time. They have some incredible Christmas deals on at the moment, all available online from Insight Aesthetics

Along with the Mask Pack above for $99, there's also,
Mix & Match pack $93.50 - your choice of mask box and serum! Normally $121.00

To of the Pops Pack $137.50 - HA Mask Box, Anti Aging Serum and Daily Youth Moisturizing Gel, valued at $166.10 

If sheet/cloth masks aren't for you, you can also grab all three serums for one low price of $132 in the 
3 Serum Pack valued at over $155! 

OR Why not try the entire current range? 
Ultimate Christmas Pamper Package - $231.00 

Be sure to head on over to Insight Aesthetics and check out the entire Princess Skincare range and these fantastic Christmas specials! 

Have you tried Princess Skincare before? Will the price drops tempt you? I know they're tempting me!! 

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