Friday, January 2, 2015

Today's Basics

Hi guys, happy new year! I have been a little slack with blogging lately - I need a new camera super bad! I shared this pic on my instagram today, the heatwave from the west of Australia is arriving here today, so I'm sharing my Heat Wave Basics. 

Sun Sense Anti-Aging Face SPF 30+ is my absolute all time preferred facial sunscreen, the lotion is nice and light, not thick and heavy, is non-greasy and absorbs quickly without leaving me with a white sheen. My usual daily facial lotion has sunscreen, but when I know the sun is going to be at it's hottest, I prefer to use an actual sunscreen. I followed this with a Revlon CC Cream. I really like this, it's much thicker and more like a liquid foundation than a lot of BB Creams I've previously tried but it's still only really light with a light cover. It can be slightly built up if wanted, but I like it to even out my skin tone. As usual I top with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, I cannot leave the house without a matte powder on, and this is my fave at the moment.. you can see pan! :) 
Best summer mascara? Benefit's They're Real hands down! This stuff stays put - and that's exactly what you want if you're hot, sweaty or swimming! Which is what I will un-doubtably be doing later.
Of course, we all need some antiperspirant, and it's not news to any of you that this is the one I favour, the Rexona Clinical Protection range of antiperspirants are fantastic, if you have any issues with too much sweating.. or body odor... check them out.
Slathered myself in this Pure Tan Pure Bronze Instant Tanning Foam today too.. initially I wasn't that impressed, I found it a little light, but it develops gorgeously and I now can't stay away! You can see an instant tan, which is super helpful when applying it, but it will also continue to develop. Showering is possible after only one hour, making this product perfect for these super hot days!
Can you see it? Can you see what I got from my Christmas Wish List? Yahoo! Marc Jacobs DOT... come to Mumma! I love this fragrance.

Stay cool, keep hydrated and don't do anything stupid in this heat

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