Thursday, February 5, 2015

Currently... Mini Blogging Break

HI guys... I know, how pathetic has my blogging been for the last couple of months?! It is a crazy time for us all over the Summer months, the kids have so much on and the hubs works extra hours every night making the most of the daylight... before I know it he'll be home before dinner and driving me crazy :) the kids are back at school so that's a bonus, but it also means there's even more stuff for them to do! We've got Soccer and Little Athletics, Netball training has started for me and will soon for the biggest one (her first year - how exciting!), there's committee meetings and toilet training the littliest one.... also, my camera finally died. Dead. RIP. 
The biggest one is also needing some preventative work done in her mouth, she'll be getting a 'helix-something' put on the roof of her mouth to help create some space and partial braces top and bottom... oh... 
so please excuse my blatant lack of blogging (and IG), I promise to be back regularly in the near future. I still haven't even blogged my December LHi, I needed a camera to take pics! But I'll have to use my phone and although it's a month late... I'll put that up soon just so we can compare with the next bag :) 

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