Sunday, February 22, 2015

December 2014 Lust Have It

On Friday my January pack finally arrived.. but before we delve into it, lets take a look at last month's the last pack I received first. And I must apologise for the photos, I still haven't sourced a new camera so these are iPhone pics at their worst!
By now you've probably seen this bag reviewed a million times, but I wanted to post it so that I can look back through the months of Lust Have it packs. For once the pack arrived on time, perfect timing in truth, Christmas Eve. Really, really, well done Lusties!

We were treated to a cute little red bag in December, I'm assuming due to it being Christmas, and I have to say, I love it! I would love to see some more colours arrive over the next year. These mesh zippered bags are so useful too, much more so for me personally than the boxes ever were. The kids store a variety of little toys in them - if you wonder what to do with them all and don't yet have kids.. store them until you do! Little Lego, Barbie shoes, Trashies or their Eraser Collections fit perfectly :) 

Five items this month, four being full size and the other a deluxe sample. We cannot fault you guys there Lust Have it.. for something marketed as a 'sample subscription' I adore receiving full size goodies as it allows a much more thorough trial. 

Up first is the Designer Brands Extend a Brow $12.99. I think I've seen this concept around before, much like the extend-a-lash products, this doe-foot applicator applies tinted minute fibers to your brows making them appear much thicker. I actually think this is pretty cool and have been using it since it arrived. There's some fallout - I recommend removing the wand slowly and once you reach the top, shake the wand so that the tube basically knocks the extra fibers off before removing it completely. I received the Light Medium and thought it might be a little pale for me, but its really quite a good match. Makes me think some blondes may have trouble with this being too dark though.. I only wish it came with a finishing wax/gel to help prolong the effect... 

Moving on, and we once again received items from The Cosmetic Kitchen, not one, but two. Lets begin with a very large packet of their Raw Chocolate Bath Salts $18.50. I don't do baths very often, and this is a huge packet so it'll last a very, very long time for me. And an FYI, there's no way I'd every pay $18.50 for a Limited Edition full size 200g bag of chocolate rock salt! Also included this month is their Raw Chocolate Clay Mask 50g $24.95. Containing only Australian Pink Clay and Raw Cacao powder, there's a little list of things to add to a small amount (1 teaspoon) of the powder to make your mask, the main one being avocado - although you only need 1/2 a teaspoon of that... I'm not all that excited about this one to be honest, and I love a clay mask! Having to purchase an avocado (we eat them.. sometimes...) for a measly 1/2tsp, probably isn't going to happen. I'm really going to look into what else I could mix this with, seeing as you don't need much of it.. I think I can work something out. 

The fourth full sized item was a cloth mask from Lon Vitalite, C1 Whitening, Pigment Toning and Moisturising Facial Mask $9.95. I've used this particular mask before, definitely won't go to waste.

The final product I received was a deluxe sample of the INIKA Pure Primer (RRP $60, 50ml), mine is 30ml. I received an eyeliner by INIKA last month and I'm pretty sure I have a loose pigment shadow somewhere too.. this primer will certainly get used. It's a cream primer, which I much prefer over silicone ones, they leave my skin feeling far too oily and most cause me to breakout. Made with 81% Certified Organic Ingredients, that's gotta be a good thing right? 

So there you have it. Pretty good again, The Cosmetic Kitchen products are likely to sit around in the back of cupboard for quite some time before getting any use, but the brow thingy, cloth mask and primer are all welcome on my shelf. I guess if you really think about it.. I have now received at least six items from The Cosmetic Kitchen.. it might be time to move on LHi? The others have all been cosmetics, two blushes, a brush and a creme highlight so I guess it's nice to try something else from their range, but I would like to see some other brands... another brand new to us.. likewise with the Designer Brands.. 

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and I wish you all the very best in the coming year 

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