Monday, March 30, 2015

Designer Brands - Extend A Brow

I used to say that I would never leave the house without mascara, nowadays, that's been extended to include brows. I very rarely leave my house without lashes and brows done. Whilst I do like to take the time to do my brows, the quicker and easier it is the better, so for everyday basics, I have been reaching for the Designer Brands Extend A Brow

I received this full size sample in the December Lush Have it subscription pack. I was well acquainted with DB before receiving this particular product, though my usual choice of brow product is the Natio Brow Kit, which consists of two different toned powders and a wax. 

The DB Extend A Brow is a brown toned fibrous product. The doe foot applicator picks up the fibers and you simply apply. The packaging, is not the best. These photos are from when it was fairly new, and the silver text had already began to rub away. Now, my lid/handle (the black part) is cracked - which is inevitable really, as you replace the wand, you get resistance from the product, making screwing the lid closed difficult. 
I recommend upon opening, that you let the tube 'hang' with the doe foot still in the tube and shake lightly, too much product/fibers and you'll end up with a heap of fallout. I find shaking the excess limits this. 

Like I said, for everyday basics, this is really quick and easy. The staying power is not that great... you'll need a brow wax/gel to seal it all in. Jury's still out as the whether the fibers make your brows look fuller, or if it's simply filling the spaces with colour... 
If you're after something quick, I'd definitely recommend giving this a go. 

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