Friday, March 13, 2015

Oh No... Smashed a powder product?

Okay.. so you may have seen a few weeks ago I dropped... and smashed my beloved Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I'd hit pan and was beginning to wonder when it was going to start breaking up on me anyways, but I was shattered when my bathroom floor did it for me! I did manage to salvage most of it.. 

And all is certainly not lost.
Begin by smashing the product to powder. I used a little spoon that comes with my kids fruit and jelly that they take to school :) 

 Get yourself some rubbing alcohol. I bought this Isocol from my local Woolworths for around $10. 

Add the alcohol to form a paste - is it weird that I thought it looked somewhat edible at this point? 

I may have added a bit too much.. this was my first time attempting to rescue a powder product... 
I left mine to sit on a window sill for around 48 hours, you can see where I was like an impatient child and pressed my finger in :) 

It's not as 'pressed' as it once was, and almost sits away from the edge of the packaging. There were lots of loose bits that came off around the edge, but they were still usable, just like the fixed product! I need only to tap my brush onto the pan to get a lot of product, but it still works wonderfully and I didn't have to toss it out and buy a new one. 

Definitely worth the 5 minutes it took and the $10 for the multi-use alcohol. 

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