Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Clearasil Skin Routine

When you hear the word 'pimples' does your mind wonder back to your teenage years, like mine does? Why I relate the words acne, pimples, zits and blackheads with being a teenager I don't know - because I don't know about you, but I still suffer those things - and I'm a little bit past my teen years. 

 We're all well aware of the benefits of finding a good cleanser suited to our skin. Clearasil have a wide range of Facial Washes, today I thought I'd share with you the two recent Clearasil additions to my morning routine.
I keep a simple morning skincare routine. My face is a combination of normal to dry, with some oily patches. Finding products to suit can and has been difficult, I like my facial cleansers to be gentle to my skin thus non-drying, but something that's formulated to aid the removal of dirt, oils and bacteria's which can and do cause breakouts on my skin is very important too. For a long time I've loved the Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts Daily Wash - regular readers will have seen it continuously pop up in my empties posts. You may also recall that I mentioned I have not been able to repurchase it locally, fortunately for me, I was sent the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash* to trial. 

The Rapid Action Gel Wash is super simple to use, dispense product onto hands, lather, then wash. I've tried other gel washes and haven't always enjoyed the 'cool' feel of them. This product is definitely one of the less 'cool'-feeling gel washes that I've tried. It lathers well, and is simple to use and incorporate into my routine. I've been seeing and feeling the benefits; for a while now my jaw has been inundated with clusters of blackheads and pimples. Since using the gel wash, along with the Rapid Action Pimple Cream* I have noticed a significant reduction. The Rapid Action Pimple Cream is said to visibly reduce pimple size and redness in as little as 4 hours. After cleansing, you use this directly on the pimples and allow to dry. This can be used twice daily on breakouts for visibly clearer skin. 
I've had a pesky blind pimple on the tip of my nose - yes, the tip of my nose, can we all say "Hello Rudolf"! For a couple of days I've been applying the pimple cream, the redness quickly lessens, and although it's still there, I feel better about myself knowing I'm not walking around with my very own clown nose! 

Clearasil have an impressive range of cleaners, wipes & cleansing pads, creams and scrubs. 
If you'd like to find out what product may be suited to your needs, check out the Customised Skin Care Guide on their page, this handy little questionnaire will give you a  list of product options based on your skin type. Have you tried either of these products and do you have a favourite Clearasil product? 

*Product received for review - honesty as always. 

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