Monday, April 13, 2015

OPI Hawaii - Swatches

OPI polishes are a standout among all polishes, and for that reason, they're priced accordingly, staggeringly pricey here in Australia; thus my limited collection! 
I was fortunate enough to receive four shades from the OPI Hawaii - Spring 2015 release. The collection consists of 12 shades, and I have to say a couple of the creme shades are stunning!! Lets see the four I have. 

Do You Take Lei Away? is a nude creme. The formula is beautiful and fully opaque in two coats. This looked really natural on the nail and is my new favourite nude. 

Hello Hawaii Ya? A Stunning dusky purple creme. I've never been to Hawaii so I have no idea how these colours figure into the theme, but again, it's one of my favourites. It's no secret that I love creme polishes. 

One of the pearl shades from the collection - My Gecko Does Tricks. How awesome is that name? And all the others! This one's a little bright and pearly for my liking, but I can definitely see the Hawaiian theme here! 

And finally a shimmer. Go With The Lava Flow again, has the coolest name!

All polishes are nicely formulated, have great consistency and apply smoothly. These four were all very opaque after two coats and although I struggle to keep my polish chip-free, OPI is by far one of the longest lasting brands on my nails. 
Did you pick up any of the new shades? I have never purchased from but should you wish to I found them available online at Adore Beauty for $19.95. 

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