Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Neutrogena HYDRO BOOST mask

Oooh, it's cold today. Even colder with this drenched cloth mask over my face.

 The Neutrogena Hydro Boost mask - Intense Hydrating Masks are the latest in my long list of cloth masks I love to trial. 
There's a few things to note about this one. 
1. It's wet. There is a whole lot of Hydrating wetness in these masks. 
2. For this reason, they're a little messy to apply as; 
3. They don't have a 'template' thingy that you toss, so they're a little messy and difficult to unwrap and apply. 
4. The nose flap - it's tiny! 
5. The mouth hole.. also tiny. 
6. They're still F.U.N!

Simply open sachet, remove mask and apply to face (may not be as simple as described lol). 
Relax for 15 minutes while it works its cooling, hydrating magic, then remove and toss. Massage remaining mask 'hydrating essence' (that's what they call the excess wetness!) into your face. Viola! 

I'm yet to come across a truly time-wasting cloth mask. This is cooling, soothing, and my skin certainly appears to love the boost of 'hydrating essence'.. plus cloth masks are FUN!! 

I haven't seen these in store, or locally online.. YesStyle has the 5 pack for $20... so if anyone knows where these can be purchased please let us all know. 

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