Friday, August 28, 2015

Ageless Beauty - The Parcel

You guys should be aware that I have been nothing short of MEGA-IMPRESSED with each and every Marie Claire The Parcel that I have received. So naturally I jumped on the bandwagon again with the release of the Ageless Beauty subscription service, and with the Special Launch Offer you can currently subscribe to an annual sub (four boxes) for only $80 saving 33%. Bargain!

Technically, I don't think I'm all that 'old', so why did I subscribe? Well, my skin's not as young and vibrant as my mind, neither is my hair, and my wrinkly forehead and eyes tell a different story than my birth-date. There's definitely a place in my life for products to give me younger looking skin. And I know you're all dying to see those products, so lets do that now...

Included are five full size and two samples. 

Boots Laboratories Serum 7 Night Cream 50ml, RRP $34 &
Boots Laboratories Serum 7 Day Cream 50ml, RRP $34
Love, love that they included both a day and night. Of course, it comes just after I replaced my beloved L'Oreal Revitalift, but I'm sure they can wait for me.

TRESemme YOUTH BOOST Youth Correcting Essence 50ml, RRP $10.99
That's one heck of a long, fancy-sounding name for a product. Essentially, it's a hair serum, or leave-in treatment. I love the fancy-smancy packaging complete with dropper. Smells nice and you only need 3-4 drops, so this is gonna last a while.

Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum 30ml RRP $95, 50ml RRP $140
{7ml sample}
These tiny little samples are just one thing I love about these Marie Claire subscriptions, they send out samples of products that I would never purchase without trying first.. there's no way I'm forking out $95-140 without testing first, and no other Aussie subs send out these 'high-end' skincare brand samples. 

Revlon Line Filler RRP $26.95, 12.2ml
"90% of women said their skin looked fuller and more plumped" after using this product. I did mention my wrinkly forehead, and crows feet laugh lines didn't I? Bring it on Revlon!

 Designer Brands Pressed Powder 11.9g RRP $11.99
This is their Firming Age Revive Pressed Powder in Nude Beige. Who doesn't love DB products... I religiously use their brow-fiber stuff (all the text has rubbed off!) daily. This is said to help minimise shine and create a soft finish without caking or flaking. Ooh, it's infused with Sericite Mica (whatevs that is??) to give skin a soft, smooth as silk finish. There's also my faves Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C & E and Aloe Vera in there.

Madame Flavour Tea 35g (mini) RRP .75c {sample}
A blend for slowing down, calming and stopping... Lemongrass, Lime & Ginger Tisane?
I'm not the biggest fan of flavored teas, and the ingredients aren't my favourite, but I'll give it a go.. 

Wow. Are you guys as impressed as I am? Over $140 of product and samples. And the best thing? I can't actually use each and every one of these. Provided of course my skin doesn't react badly - what I mean is that there's no cheap, sticky, greasy muck that some other companies supply and I know I'll be able to actually use them. Keep an eye out for a review of the Revlon soon


  1. What a gorgeous box! I'm super tempted to sign up now.

    1. Do it! You won't be disappointed! x

  2. This box never disappoints me either! Great skincare and haircare inclusions in this box!
    xo Kat @ Katness

  3. Looks like a great box, I almost jumped as I thought the estee lauder stuff were full size lol. I saw madame flavour at a recent tea fest, I didn't end up getting any of their stuff but the tea looks pretty good and dye free (unlike my lipton ones). I hate eating ginger and lemongrass, but I really like it in tea form.

    1. I'd probably faint if it was full size lol I'll certainly try the tea, will let you know how I get on :) x