Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Disqus Comments

Hey guys... has anyone been having trouble with Disqus comments? Mine haven't been showing up for ages and I'm impatient... so its now gone.. along with every comment on my blog for the last year or so :)

I both loved and hated Disqus. Loved the ease of replying, 'upping' a comment, or 'thumbs downing' one, not that I did that, ever! But despite my best efforts to correct the missing comment form, I couldn't figure it out and what's the point of having posts where we ask opinions, recommendations and any other random questions if no one can answer!! 

Can't say I'm too disappointed to see it go, only wish all those lovely comments you all left were still there 


  1. Yeah, my Disqus unsynced with my blog ages ago on my 'overview' page but commenting on my blog site is still alright.

  2. This is so frustrating. My Disqus, luckily, has been fine but I know sooo many people have had problems with it! They could at least restore your original comments *grumpy face*