Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dry Hands and my Broken Bone

Here's some things that I cannot do (or struggle to do but persevere) now that I have a broken radius and a pretty little cast.
1. Wash my hair. 
2. Shave my left armpit... yep. It's kinda hard to reach it, especially with a bag over your arm!
3. Shave my legs.. I can, and I do, but it's a pain. I'm glad it's pants season :) 
4. Apply eye-liner. I may have come a long way with the mascara wand in my left hand, but eyeliner? No. 

Okay, I just realised I'm making a list of all the superficial things I'd like to be able to do. Lets get this straight first.
The first few days after I broke my wrist, it hurt. It was in a sling (obviously) and I couldn't do much. My hair, my daughters's hair. Carry the washing basket, hang the clothes out. Peel vegetables. Make and cut sandwiches. 
End of week one, and the swelling was down, so the back-slab cast was loose. That was uncomfortable. I couldn't get into the Fracture Clinic for another two weeks(!) - yes, rural living and the medical services here suck ass - so I had to visit local GP, who decided a full cast was called for.. a full, heavy, plaster cast - one that he somehow managed to twist while applying. So, so painful! First off thought the pain was associated just with having had new cast put on, by 3am.. not thinking that. It was evident that the cast/arm was twisted. My arm ached, and I could not get comfortable. It hurt, more than when I initially broke it. 
Next morning, new GP in nearby town. He cut that twisted sucker off so fast! Thank God! It wouldn't even sit flat in the sling... oh man, what a disaster. He applied a new sandwich cast. Felt so much better instantly, but the damage was done and the pain was there to linger for a few more days, actually an entire week!
So, still in the sling, still unable to do most mundane tasks. 
Day 18, I had my next x-ray and appointment at Fracture Clinic at big hospital 100km away. X-ray was good! Excellent! Little chip in the side healing nicely, clean break starting to heal, no damage from the twisted cast and a nice new colourful Fiberglass cast was applied - by someone who actually knew what they were doing! Although, they did manipulate it a bit, so that also hurt like a bitch. 
But my awesome new cast, my fingers are free! It was amazing!! For nearly THREE WEEKS my knuckles and half my fingers had been covered by a cast, and they weren't pretty... pretty gross actually. And DRY!
Take a look...

 Figured I could now use some products to try and rectify the situation, not easy when you've got weeks of skin that should have shed... again pretty gross! lol 

After scrubbing and some lotion, there was a remarkable difference. I grabbed the first three hand creams I saw, I'm nearly finished the L'Occitane. My skin can't get enough creams at the moment. btw - I love the Natio hand scrub! Love it! 

It's now been another week and a half.
The're still dry and manky looking. I'm applying lotion constantly, but today was a milestone for me... Today I washed my hair myself, single-handed, left-handed, very uncoordinated. I let it dry, and I actually painstakingly managed to straighten it myself too. 
With free fingers came freedom!
I can drive! I can manipulate my hair into a ponytail by myself. I can do the girls hair. I can cut sandwiches, carry the clothes basket, and apply my mascara with my right hand!! 
Things are looking up! Only another two weeks (or maybe 3) and I'll be completely free to stand in the shower for hours without the need for a plastic bag and masking tape :) 

Good times ahead!

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