Thursday, August 6, 2015

Simple Winter Hair Removal with Veet

If there's anything I know about hair removal at the moment, is that most conventional methods are fairly difficult when one of your hands is wrapped in plastic, to cover a cast, over a broken bone! 

I was stoked when asked to trial a couple of products from Veet. Really, they couldn't have come at a better time. I've found it very difficult to remove unwanted hair single-handedly. I want something simple, not messy, and with lasting results. 
Step forward..  
Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream 
Veet Face EasyGrip Ready-to-Use Wax Strips

Let's begin with In-Shower Cream. Cause lets face it, shaving your legs using only your left hand, is kinda hard. So, what I did was applied using the coloured side of the sponge (that'd be the pink side and don't rub the cream in, just let it sit on your skin), and waited a couple of minutes before stepping into the shower. This currently works well for me, because I can apply it, then apply my plastic bag cast cover, hair shower-cap and then step in. 
It says to try and avoid letting the shower directly hit the area for another 3 minutes, of course some of the cream does and will wash away. After that time, you can use the other side of the sponge, the white side, and in a circular motion, test to see if the hair comes away easily. If so, continue to remove in that fashion. 
If not, you can leave the cream on the skin for another few minutes - do not exceed 10 minutes from application. 
Okay... so I had mixed results with this one. I think my high-pressure shower washed away more than expected, and I'm probably definitely a little too impatient for a product like this anyway. I wasn't able to achieve total hair removal, though I may have jumped the gun. Although leaving it for 2-3 minutes before the shower is currently doable, standing around for another 2-3 minutes in the shower, while not really being able to do much thanks to my cast is a whole lot of boredom and a waste of water.
I will try this again, but lets leave it til after my cast is removed... I'll get back to you. 

Okay, so what about the hair that none of us really want to admit that we even have, let alone get rid of! I will admit, there's some eyebrow hairs, that have somehow found their way to my chin! Did they lost the map to my face!? Up top guys, not down there!! 
In the past I've stuck with messy, hard waxes. Never again! These strips are sooo easy! And quick, and truthfully, not all that painful. It's like plucking your eyebrows, any form of ripping hair from its roots, becomes less painful with repeated ripping! Simply warm a strip pack (which gives you two strips) between your hands for 5 seconds. Peel apart, then apply to the skin, smoothing over the wax in the hair growth direction. Hold skin taunt, then rip off in a single movement. So easy! I'm a convert. No more tubs of wax for me. 
These strips can be also be used for underarms or bikini line, truthfully I didn't want to attempt either of those areas with one hand, but sometime in the future I may get game. For the face? I totally recommend. 
The after use Perfect Finish Wipes aren't necessary for me on my face, but I'm sure they'd be welcomed on other body areas. They are a little stiff, and harsh. Think KFC hand wipe, only stiffer.... but they are packed with some nice soothing something.

Both of these products are from the Sensitive Skin Range. There's Normal Skin versions of these and so many more Veet products. I'd love to know if you've tried these or think they might be right for you too. 
Let me know if there's any other Veet products you'd recommend to me of if you've tried either of these

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