Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jamberry - Butterfly Kisses - Nail Wrap Review - {Photo Heavy}

A few weeks ago I was asked to try and review Jamberry nail wraps. Jamberry will be launching their range here in Australia in October, so not long to wait ladies! You can sign up now to see their catalogue and if you do a search on IG, you'll find a heap of Jamberry consultants willing to send out a freebie sample. 

If you don't know, Jamberry are a brand of Nail Wraps, launched back in 2010 and founded by three sisters. They have an amazing array of patterns and prints, and also polish and tools. And, in typical form, it sucks to live in Australia because they have a monthly Stylebox... straight to your door every month, I'd be on that in a heartbeat! 

I received an awesome little package in the mail direct from the US. 
Most of us have tried a nail wrap before, or if we haven't I'm sure we've all thought about it. I've tried a variety of brands with mixed results. Jamberry wraps should last up to two weeks on fingers, and up to for weeks on toes. 

There's a different aspect to applying these wraps to most others, in that you need to heat the wrap before applying, this can be done with a hairdryer {which I used} or any other form of heat - you could literally hold them in-front of your heater for a few seconds. You can see when the adhesive has heated, the wrap becomes 'floppy'. 
This does make them more time consuming to apply. But I didn't have a problem with it. I recommend watching a YouTube video or two before you start. 


As with all wraps, once applied you trim away the excess. If you have a heap of excess, I'd recommend trimming with clippers or nail scissors, then use a nail file. 

Each pack contains 18 wraps in various sizes. {The Junior Wraps include 42}.
One sheet of nail wraps can be used for 2-3 manicures/pedicures depending on the length of your nails. 
I found this awesome diagram to show what I mean... 

You can see from my photos that I chose 'thinner' strips than my actual nails, all but the middle finger, and I wish I'd been able to do the same with it.I should have trimmed the side of that wrap before applying. I don't mind the gaps down the side, it's hardly noticeable unless close up and not only does it allow them to stay stuck, but it looks a lot neater too. 

So I did manage to get a manicure and a pedicure - and plenty left for another of both from one sheet. My nails aren't real long, so each wrap could easily be cut in half and used to do two nails. 
I also have teeny weeny tootsies, so there was plenty there to do a pedicure using only the two biggest wraps. 
Cut as above, I did this - WARNING - my feet!! Argh! Short stubby toes ahead! 

 Perhaps a little trickier to apply down on the toes, but still easy enough, and I have no doubt they'll last a long time (still going strong at almost 3 weeks). Plus, any small mishaps are hardly noticed from up here... like my second toe on the left, yes, the design is the wrong way round :) Trimming the tiny pieces to fit wasn't overly hard either.. 

Day 4 - Tip wear. My tips are never safe, no matter what I do to them. On my right hand, my tips were annoying the hell out of me to put it bluntly. I ended up trimming as close as possible to my nail, then using a nail file on a 45ยบ angle, I filed to show the very edge of my nail, effectively removing the wrap from my tips, thus keeping it from catching on anything. 

 I also had to trim the side of one middle finger wrap, I must have applied it a little crooked, but a simple snip and that bit was gone. 

Day 7 - One week down. My tips are no longer an issue, since filing on an angle. The wraps are staying put! I have no lifting, no flappy bits and they still look just as pretty as they did on Day 1. 

I didn't take any more pics of my toes, but at Day 8 they were still going strong. No issues at all. 

More expensive than most. 
Americans pay $15US for a sheet- with a buy 3 get one Free deal. 
The Australian Spring Catalogue states we'll be charged $22AU for a sheet - with the same Buy 3 get one Free deal. 
Nail Laquers will be $22 each - Five Free - I'm not sure what size they are. Including Base and Top Coats.
There'll be some 4-pack polishes, which include one polish not available for individual purchase for $78. 
They've also got some Gel products and plenty of tools and accessories. Love the Mini Heater for $27.

I'm not about to say they aren't worth the money! I do nail stamping - and it's hard. My freehand nail art, sucks! And Jamberry have some of the most stunning and fun designs ever! There's way to many to choose from! 

Jamberry do party-plan parties. You know, like Lorrain Lea Linen, Tupperware, Arbonne {eye roll}, Body Shop {ooh, I would love to go to one of those...}..  and online parties too.. like on Facebook! 
You can become a Consultant... Host a party.. or just buy some pretties. Have some of the prettiest nails ever!

Overall... I'm impressed. They really stay on. Although the tips were a little annoying for a couple of days - on my fingers only, I managed to sort that out. They looked great. The 'Heating' Application process really wasn't that difficult. And if you're getting minimum two manicures and two pedicures from a sheet, that'll be $5.50 each. I'd pay $10 easy for a sheet of wraps that'd do my fingers and toes, so it works out the same but you get double for double your money. Buy 3 and get the 4th free, and they work out even cheaper. 
Hardest part will be choosing the design!! 

On a side note, by Day 9, I was kinda 'over' my Butterfly nails. It got me thinking about 'accent' nails. If you use your leftover wraps for an accent nail, you could definitely keep it fresh over the weeks plus by changing up your polish. If you check out my IG, you'll see I did just that :) 

I would love to know your thoughts on these - no, I am not a Consultant, nor am I becoming one, though apparently my sister in Adelaide is, so that'll be handy :)

(Keep your eyes out on my IG for a Jamberry giveaway coming soon!)


  1. OH you are the perfect candidate to put this product to test! In my eyes you are the nail queen. I tried stamping etc the other day and ended up with nail polish all over my face (I dont' even know how it happened!) gosh I'd love to go to a body shop party too! You nails look beautiful, I love the butterfly pattern, and the ones on your toes are very cute!

    PS. what are you watching lately? I've been watching mindless shows like the bachelor

  2. So gorgeous on you! Nail wraps on the toes always look a little odd, though, I feel.

  3. Great Review!
    They do look fun! Im it sure I could apply them well!

  4. These look great and they last really well too! I'm awful at nail wraps, can never get them on straight and with any bubbles and such!