Monday, December 7, 2015

Empties. Empties Everywhere.

Figured it was about time I got back to some blogging, though you'll need to forgive the inevitable future lack of posts over the school holidays.
Although I haven't blogged for a while, I have actually compiled a little folder of pics and info for a few posts, lets begin with some empties. The first half of the post will be September/October Empties, and then Novembers.


Taft Hairspray - I'm not fussed with a particular hairspray, generally buying whatever's cheapest :) This was okay, level 3 hold wasn't what I really wanted. 
Batiste - Medium Brunette Dry Shampoo - One of my favourites!
Matrix Dry Shampoo - My hairdresser friend who did my hair while I had my wrist cast on, uses this brand and gave me this sample/travel size to try. It has a weird silicone feel, smells really nice and worked well. 

 PureTan - Pure Bronze Light Tanning Mousse - Really good light tanner, loved using this during winter. 
LeTan Fast Tan - Instant tan in a can. I didn't mind this, but it's not a product I feel I need. 
Indio Age Defence - Sunscreen. Really good, really expensive! 

Loved the MOR Rosa Noir, smelt delicious! The deodorant is a staple. The cheap $1 polish remover wipes were really good too, planning on picking up some more. 
The Indio skincare irritated my skin, so I haven't used them much, but they've been sitting around for so long it's time to say goodbye. 
Loved the Puretopia, not so much the Andrea wax, it takes a lot to heat and I've found far less-messy forms of waxing that I prefer :) 

November Empties... 

A simple little stash of staples went in the bin last month. Dove/Rexona Deodorants - they're basically the same thing, and I love the Rexona Summer one! Best ever! Loved the Rimmel powder (this is my 2nd empty pan), the face mask is yummy, and So?...Sinful is my favourite So?... scent ever! 

Love the highend skincare samples, thanks to Marie Claire The Parcel. 
Speaking of the Parcel, I'll have a couple of posts sharing both the Ageless Beauty (which I received a couple of weeks ago) and the Summer Edit Parcel in the coming week. 



  1. Welcome back!!!about time ;) haha i hope youve been well! That is a very impressive amount of empties, i thought it was a haul to begin with! Im still using my rimmel powder.. hoping to finish it up soon

    1. Haha thanks Lily. I haven't purchased a decent haul for yonks! Look out after xmas sales :) I loved the Rimmel, but I'm equally impressed with a Designer Brands powder I'm currently using x