Monday, January 4, 2016

Jamberry Boxing Day Haul.

Boxing Day sales typically involve massively discounted product resulting in incredible bargains. Jamberry did things a little different last year (OMG It really was LAST year!) by re-releasing 18 past nail wrap designs for the single day only.

The usual BUY 3 GET ONE FREE was still in effect, and they also had a couple of freebies on offer if you spent over certain amounts. 

Fortunately my younger sister is also a massive fan of the Jams, so together we decided to do a combined order and split the wraps between us. 
We decided on four of the One Day Exclusive wraps (we each chose two), and another two each from the full wrap line. 
My sisters choices... 

Exclusives Sweet Slash and Wild & Free. 
Regular wraps, Dusty Floral and Sedona.

My choices...

Exclusives On The Fringe and Bella Romantica.
Regular range, Gelato and On Holiday. 

Our split stash looks something like this, including the freebie wrap from spending over $100.

The total cost for each of us was $66 + postage. Thats the cost of 3 wraps, which qualified us for a fourth free. So 9 half sheets each. Enough for 1 pedicure, 1 manicure and leftovers for accents from each half, these are sure to keep me busy for a while. 

Do you like any of these designs? Which One Day Exclusives would you have nabbed? 


  1. You guys picked some beautifully colourful ones! I've only tried one so far, but I'm looking forward to testing out some others!

  2. That's not a bad deal!!! I like the look of the watermarble/circles one.

    xo Kat @ Katness

  3. holy moly that's a lot of nail wraps, will probably last you for a year given the longevity of the wraps!!!